Need a helping hand as to what it is WFS are doing? Below you will find information about some of the nights / parties / labels / collectives we are proud to work with. Have a read / do some research - but the best test of all is to come to the nights and experience them for yourselves...
Livin' Proof
Livin' Proof
Resident DJs:
DJ Rags, Snips, Khalil and Budgie
Livin' Proof in the space of 3 years has gone from a small intimate basement venue in Soho to London's most respected and hottest hip-hop party. Spread largely through word-of-mouth, they have since rocked shows with Pharoahe Monche, Jay Electronica, Hudson Mohawke, Kelis, Raekwon and are the only hip-hop collective to have a regular slot on the seminal Boiler Room online streaming show.
The 4 DJ team (DJ Rags, Snips, Khalil and Budgie) have toured the world and played alongside artists such as Kanye West, Mos Def, The Roots, De La Soul and many others both on tour at the legendary Deal Real Recordstore instores... seriously, look into it. Their credentials are on point.
Known to be best hip-hop party in London with the craziest vibes - it's not that often you see a club full of people (girls included) stage diving to classic Wu Tang tracks. It is not just the most upfront and classic Hip Hop that gets aired though - 80s boogies amongst other gems are often on the play list.
"Livin' Proof - all the proof that hip-hop partying is still alive in London" - Time Out Magazine, London.
"The vibe in there is insane. I didn't know London could party like that..." - Ninth Wonder (NYC, USA).
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