Need a helping hand as to what it is WFS are doing? Below you will find information about some of the nights / parties / labels / collectives we are proud to work with. Have a read / do some research - but the best test of all is to come to the nights and experience them for yourselves...
Livin' Proof
Resident DJs:
Benji B, MC Judah
Since launching in 2007, Deviation has fast become one of London's most successful club nights and the perfect place for anyone into House, Dubstep, Hip-Hop, Soul and beyond to get together and dance the night away amongst, with out question, one of the most friendly crowds in London. This year marked three years of Deviation Sessions and so the crew behind it decided it was time for something bigger - enter stage right Cable. The first event saw Theo Parrish and Kode9 on the same bill and the crowd lapped it up. Moving on from that one off, Deviation will be hosting a quarterly residency at Cable in 2011 - taking over both rooms, they'll bring with them the same friendly vibe, diverse line ups and impeccable sound (with the help of Cable's monster soundsystem) that they've rolled with so successfully over the years. Over the coming months they will welcome some of the freshest names in music today - Mala, Ramadanman & Floating Points to name just a few.
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